Academic Programs

Academic Programs


Xavier University Bhubaneswar (XUB) views research as an activity where our core institutional values are expressed clearly. At Xavier University Bhubaneswar we recognize the need to participate in the global academic environment through high quality publications. At the same time, research at Xavier University Bhubaneswar is also driven by the need to engage with specific clients and user groups, in accordance with our vision and values.


The ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ (Ph.D) program, intended to prepare the participants for teaching and research positions both within and outside academia. The participants who complete the program successfully are conferred the designation of “Doctor of Philosophy in Sustainability Studies, Xavier University Bhubaneswar”. Our Scholars are expected to be specialists in their respective fields and capable of generating new knowledge that contributes to the development of management thinking and practice.


SDP (Sustainability Discovery Programme): – A uniquely designed 3 credit programme where in the students get an opportunity to discover their aptitude and attitude for implementing sustainability initiatives at the community level. Also get to witness how different partners such as corporate, governments and NGOs promote sustainability to all in India and in Asia-Pacific Countries.


Xavier School of Sustainability (XSOS) is a testimony and testament to Xavier University Bhubaneswar commitment to join SDG global movement. To spearhead this movement, we need committed and competent leaders. XSOS has designed a unique programme BSc in Sustainable Development to create better leaders for a sustainable world connecting people, planet, peace, prosperity and partnership.