PG Program (MBA-SM)

PG Program (MBA-SM)


What it offers?

MBA in Sustainability Management offers unique opportunity to specialize in Sustainability and in any one of the functional areas such as Operations, Marketing, Finance and Accounting.

Program Objectives :

  • Equip students with an understanding of the conventional economy of production and consumption (and its market equivalent of supply and demand) in the context of conserving and preserving the natural commons.
  • Evolve a deeper understanding of sustainability principles and externalities among next generation of managers with the aim of creating sustainable communities thereby envisioning a better society.
  • Promote Jesuit values of care, peace & greater environmental justice and introduce timely shift in traditional ways of corporate business undertaking in both society and economy incorporating sustainability concerns.
  • Envision the creation of sustainable businesses as a means to emergence of a 21st century world ensuring a deeply connected business and society.
  • Integrate technical knowledge & sustainability parameters in sustainability managers who shall influence responsible businesses and citizenry with a keen involvement in nation building.
  • Encourage businesses and community to incorporate and accelerate sustainability based strategies for economic growth and sustainable human development.
  • Promote involvement of all stakeholders and sectors in following sustainable management practices through a combination of system thinking, leadership engagement and perspective planning.

Thrust Areas


Programme Structure

Hands on exposure

Community Engagement

SDP (Sustainability Discovery Programme): – A uniquely designed 3 credit programme where in the students get an opportunity to discover their aptitude and attitude for implementing sustainability initiatives at the community level. Also get to witness how different partners such as corporate, governments and NGOs promote sustainability to all in India and in Asia-Pacific Countries.

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Industry – Academia interface:

SIP (Summer Internship Programme) – SIP is a platform of to engage students in essence with the 3 P’s (People, Planet & Profit) for a period of 8 weeks wherein they get to learn how implementing sustainability initiatives and practices improvise businesses and lives.

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Immersion Course:

A three day programme to walk along with the experts and their expertise who pioneer sustainability initiatives and good practices.

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